Primary Aluminum Plant

​​T​he primary aluminium reduction plant, where the actual metal production takes place, constitutes the main part of the Qatalum project.

Primary aluminium plant

​​​This part of the complex mainly comprises two potrooms, which are the buildings housing the group of cells in which aluminium is produced by electrolytic reduction. Each of the potrooms will be 1,150 meters long.

The two parallel potroom buildings will house two rows of electrolytic cells, known as potlines. Each potline consists of 176 cells, making 352 cells in each potroom and a total of 704 cells.

​The cells are designed according to Hydr​o's HAL275 technology and provide a design production capacity of 585,000 tonnes per year.

A sophisticated logistics system handles the raw materials in and the liquid metal out:

  • ​Alumina is fed through a closed system
  • A high-voltage system supplies electricity via busbars
  • Anodes will be ins​talled using advanced cranes
  • Mobile tapping vehicles transport liquid aluminium to the casthouse
  • Mobile pallets handle the spent anode butts

There are several utility functions associated with the plant, including:

  • Rectifiers to supply 300 kA DC current to the potlines
  • Fume treatment plant, comprising dry and wet scrubbers​
  • Cell relining workshop
  • Crane service workshop​