​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sustainability is a matter of principle for Qatalum.


Qatalum is committed to promote and maintain a balance between the three main components of sustainability as defined globally. These are:​

  • Economic growth
  • Social responsibility​
  • Environmentally sound operation​​

​Qatalum adds resilience and variation to the already strong hydrocarbon economy in Qatar. It is socially responsible and provides ample opportunities for young Qataris interested in pursuing careers in an industry parallel to that of hydrocarbon. Also, Qatalum aggressively pursues steps to make the Aluminium production process more energy efficient with reduced emissions by employing all the best available technologies.

Production Excellence and Economic Return​

The Qatalum Production System combines best practice principles, methodologies, and tools to achieve continual operational improvement. Our process is designed to create a high quality aluminium product that meets the best international standards. In 2012 Qatalum marked its first year of full capac​ity operations. This is reflected in its earnings: products were sold around the world, resulting in over US$ 1,558 million in revenue.

A Sustainable Metal for Developing Qatar

The 2004 creation of Qatalum was the result of Qatar's strategic decision to invest in the upstream aluminium industry via creation of a primary aluminium smelter, serving the demand from booming Asian economies and the significant planned investment in infrastructure within Qatar.Qatalum's workforce plays a key role in ensuring that all of our operations perform at an optimal level. We invest considerable time and resources into training, developing, and engaging our workforce.

Managing Our Environmental Impact​

At Qatalum we try, in every step of our production process, to reduce and minimize our impact on the environment. We are keenly aware of the importance and value of our planet and its enviro​nment​, and we refuse to compromise on its health and long-term sustainability.​​

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