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The Qatalum project site is situated in the north-eastern part of Mesaieed Industrial City, in the region of Umm Sa’id.

​​The Qatalum Project Site in Qatar

​​This industrial area is located in a natural bay on the southern coast of the Qatar Eastern Peninsula, approximately 40 kilometers south of the capital, Doha.

An area of approximately 2.7 km2 in Mesaieed Industrial City was originally allocated to the Qatalum project. Within this area, approximately 1.4 km2 was earmarked for the aluminium metal plant and 0.25 km2 for the Qatalum power plant.

Area for future use

A further 0.16 km2, located in the harbor area and also forming a service corridor between the harbor and the main site, will be taken into use.

The remaining parts of the original site will be allocated to an independent power plant, Umm Said A, for its supplies to the na​tional grid, and also be partly​ left for some future use that has not yet been determined.

No industrial activities have so far been undertaken on this site. This means that there is no existing infrastructure in place, apart from an overhead power transmission line.​​

​Directions to Qatalum

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