• eProcurement
    All Open tenders are regularly advertised on this website for supplying goods and services for various departments.
  • Products
    Qatalum consists of two product Casthouses in which the main products are extrusion ingot billets and primary foundry alloy ingots.
  • Carbon Plant
    Carbon Plant
    The carbon plant manufactures carbon anodes, which are a vital part of the primary aluminium production process. It consists of a paste plant and an anode baking plant.
  • Technology
    Qatalum is the largest primary aluminium plant ever built in one phase
  • Qatarisation
    Qatalum aims to not only introduce a brand new industry to the State of Qatar, but also to better the lives of its citizens. This is a great chance for dedicated, motivated Qatari nationals who share the vision of building a sustainable future for Qatar.
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