• Carbon Plant
    Carbon Plant
    The carbon plant manufactures carbon anodes, which are a vital part of the primary aluminium production process. It consists of a paste plant and an anode baking plant.
  • eProcurement
    All Open tenders are regularly advertised on this website for supplying goods and services for various departments.
  • Products
    Qatalum consists of two product Casthouses in which the main products are extrusion ingot billets and primary foundry alloy ingots.
  • Technology
    Qatalum is the largest primary aluminium plant ever built in one phase
  • Qatarisation
    Qatalum aims to not only introduce a brand new industry to the State of Qatar, but also to better the lives of its citizens. This is a great chance for dedicated, motivated Qatari nationals who share the vision of building a sustainable future for Qatar.
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The event saw the active participation of employees and their families...

(February 15, 2018)

Qatalum Delegation Impresses

(February 07, 2018)

Effort to ecosynergise with others is recognised.

(December 04, 2017)

Driving strategic growth is the way forward.

(November 13, 2017)

Contract is extended for another 3 years.

(November 01, 2017)

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(October 19, 2017)

The total value of Aluminium alloys, bars, and molds in Aug. 2017 is Q...

(October 05, 2017)

Qatalum receives prized international award for its appreciated role i...

(October 05, 2017)