Visiting Instructions

Please comply with the mandatory requirements by filling in the attached forms in advance of visiting Qatalum.

MIC requires every visitor entering its Industrial City to be in possession of an MIC gate pass. As Qatalum is inside the MIC premises, the procedure requires any visitor to comply with and submit the attached forms, "MIC Gate passes procedures" for approval. The "Visitors to Qatalum Presentation" will assist you in achieving this important objective.

Currently we cannot do an online application but Qatalum is working with MIC to make the system compatible for online applications. Work on this and other visitor related improvements is in constant development, and process will be updated on this link as soon as they become available.

Visit with Passport
When a visitor intends to visit Qatalum they need to inform their Qatalum host of the visit and forward their passport to the person via e-mail at least 72 hours prior to the visit. The host employee will then forward the documents to Qatalum Security *, who  will process the application. MIC will no longer issue any MIC gate passes to any employee, contractor or visitor without their original passport. This applies to ALL nationalities EXCEPT to Qatar Nationals.

The form must mention which areas to visit (e.g. Port, Silos, Power Plant or Smelter) The MIC permit will be ready for collection at the Qatalum Project Office* the same day of the visit from 06:30 am. Upon arriving at the Qatalum site, the visitor should meet and be accompanied by the host employee or delegate.

All non-resident visitors have to have a valid business visa and passport to enter MIC.