Qatalum announces critical milestones in safety performance and environmental footprint reduction

Doha, Qatar, Wednesday 16 March — With a firm commitment to Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and standards

Doha, Qatar, Wednesday 16 March — With a firm commitment to Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and standards, Qatalum proudly announces its remarkable safety performance with a low Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR), with only one minor finger injury rerecorded in 2021. In addition, Qatalum successfully achieved 100% landfill diversion rate on process waste on the back of Zero Landfill Project that reinforces its position as an environmentally responsible operator in Qatar. These achievements embodies collaborative efforts from all the Qatalum’s stakeholders.

Qatalum’s CEO, Mr. Khalid Mohammed Laram, acknowledges such a successful milestone and said: “Reaching such a safety milestone is an outstanding achievement for Qatalum and a direct result from a robust safety culture which is an integral part of Qatalum’s operations. This remarkable TRIR performance could not have been possible without all our stakeholders.
I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to Qatalum employees and contractors, who have demonstrated unwavering dedication in maintaining a commitment to safety performance. I would like to, especially thank Minister of State for Energy Affairs, President & CEO of QatarEnergy and Qatalum’s Board of Directors for their continuous support, expertise and leadership.”

With strong determination and focus in 2021, Qatalum increased its Visible Leadership; strengthened critical analysis by embracing Lessons Learned; increased Safety Competence and Reinforcement of Preventive Actions; Demonstrated Passion, Dedication, Employees Engagement and Focus, and improved Teamwork between stakeholders. These critical actions significantly contributed to Qatalum's lowest TRIR, a manifestation of a strongly built HSE Policy.

HSE has always been one of the top priorities at Qatalum. The Company continually strives hard to be at the forefront of Health and Safety. The commitment is strong enough to deliver world-class safety performance.

Qatalum has a robust management system framework and a sound safety governance structure that drive the HSE policy. This system provides employees and stakeholders with a safe environment appropriate to the specific nature of risks from Qatalum operations; eliminates hazards through effective operating procedures and adhering to these policies during job execution. Furthermore, Qatalum complies with Qatar's legal requirements, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Qatalum’s Zero Landfill Project is another initiative with a safety and protection element for the environment as its top priority. In 2021, Qatalum committed to a 100% landfill diversion rate on process waste and achieved it successfully. Through strategy deployment, setting process waste as a KPI, engaging with different companies, establishing contracts for recycling, and identifying other reuse and recycling opportunities within the Company, Qatalum pursued a sustainable outlet that meets the Company’s environmental promise.  

“At Qatalum, we continue to make impressive strides toward reducing our environmental footprint by regularly evaluating and implementing new sustainability goals and targets,” added CEO Laram, “Expanding our zero-waste-to-landfill efforts is yet another example of how we think holistically across our production and our supply chain, in ways that are responsible and sustainable.”

Sharing this success, the CEO reiterated Qatalum’s vital role in Qatar National Vision 2030. According to him: “Qatalum’s commitment to the environment, health, and safety of our people and society align closely with the Qatar National Vision 2030 pillars of economic development and environmental sustainability. Having achieved this impressive TRIR, Qatalum aims to go beyond that with our ongoing safety and security initiatives while creating a culture of safety in the minds of our employees that goes beyond work and has a positive impact on society at large,” the CEO concluded.