Health and Safety
The Health and Safety of our employees is the top priority of the Company. Qatalum has a proactive approach stemming for our deep respect for health, safety, and talent of our Qatalum family.

There are three main elements to our health and safety program: 1. Mitigating all negative health effects of workplace factors; 2. raising health awareness and providing basic first-aid care; and 3. achieving a zero-incidents and accidents workplace.

Engaging with Community
Across its decade-long efforts towards expansion and excellence, Qatalum has pursued an active community outreach programme. In line with the company’s commitment towards the pillars of human development as embodied in the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatalum continues to extend its support to various educational and health initiatives across Qatar.

In addition, we believe in the development of knowledge-based growth and we work to create resilient workplaces that can adapt to changing conditions. Therefore, our focus includes career support and training development opportunities to our employees enabling them to fully utilize their abilities and express their individuality

At Qatalum, we believe that community investment and CSR is about meaningful engagements with our stakeholders. That’s why Qatalum’s social responsibility projects aim at making a real and positive impact on the life of our community in which we work and live.

Human Rights
Qatalum believes that every individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Qatalum enshrines this principle within the company, contractors and through the value chain.

The company opposes any form of forced labour, slavery or child labour and requires its business partners to adopt the same principles.

Qatalum has established its Safety Delegates Program to provide a platform for an open communication between the Qatalum Management Team and its employees. Safety Delegates act as focal points for HSE issues arising from his/her area of representation.

Well-being of our People
Our Health and Wellbeing programs and activities aim to ensure that all our employees are physically able to perform their jobs. Regular medical tests are performed and on-gong training is offered to enable our employees to remain aware of, and manage potential health concerns. Our facility also houses an on-site clinic to provide first aid treatment of incidents not requiring hospital care.

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