Qatalum - future catalyst for growth


Qatalum focuses on the production of primary aluminium casthouse products such as extrusion ingots and foundry alloys. These value-added products can be supplied to producers of applications for an unlimited variety of products from construction, transport, engineering, household durables, leisure and more.

​​​​Qatalum also purchases goods and services. The Social Impact Assessment for the project revealed that the creation of 700 indirect and induced jobs from the supply chain is expected, along with a considerably increased household spending in the local
​ec​onomy. Today that figure has increased significantly as Qatalum steadily increases its production capacity.

​Further spin-off benefits in the form of downstream employment could result in some 2,400 jobs over the next twenty years.

​Qatalum management is already experiencing a keen interest from entrepreneurs considering setting up b​usinesses to either supply Qatalum and the fast growing aluminium industry in the Gulf region, with goods and services, or to produce finished or semi-finished products based on output from Qatalum.

Qatar Economic Zones

The Minister of Economy and Commerce in Qatar has launched what are known as "Qatar Economic Zones (QEZ)” to attract direct foreign investment to Qatar. The largest zone in Qatar, approximately 78 km2, is located north of the Qatalum plant in Mesaieed Industrial City.

Qatalum has taken part in a task-force with the QEZ to analyze the potential aluminium finishing market, identify key success factors and investor requirements.

​“Qatalum will focus on the production of primary aluminium casthouse products and will not take a direct interest in aluminium finishing industries or supplier industries”, stated then Qatalum General Manager, Truls Gautesen. “But Qatalum is prepared to share its experience and network by taking an active part in a dialogue concerning such initiatives. We see our role as a future catalyst for growth in the manufacturing sector in Qatar.”

Creating jobs

When in operation, Qatalum will provide well over 1,000 permanent jobs in the local community of Mesaieed, and will be part of Qatar’s economic diversification aligned with Qatar's National Vision 2030.

The project created approximately 5,500 jobs for the three-year construction period. At the peak construction phase, the Qatalum Project has over 23,000 workers on site.

Downstream diversification

Qatalum contributes to the Gross Domestic Product of Qatar and potentially will double the figure when the impact of downstream or economic diversification of the aluminium industry are taken into account.