Visiting Qatalum

Please comply with the mandatory requirements by filling in the attached forms in advance of visiting Qatalum.

​MIC requires every visitor entering its Industrial City to be in possession of an MIC gate pass. As Qatalum is inside the MIC premises, the procedure requires any visitor to comply with and submit the attached forms, "MIC Gate passes procedures" for approval. The "Visitors to Qatalum Presentation" will assist you in achieving this important objective.

Currently we cannot do an online application but Qatalum is working with MIC to make the system compatible for online applications. Work on this and other visitor related improvements is in constant development, and process will be updated on this link as soon as they become available. 


MIC Gate pas​ses procedures.pdf

Visitors to Qatalum Presentation.ppt

MIC Gate Pass Form.docx

GP-Additonal name list.docx

Qatalum map.pdf

QP Pass Rules Rev_03-11-2011.docx

Business, Visitors to Qatalum Visa PP Presentation.ppt 20-11-2011.ppt