Under the patronage of Minister of Energy and Industry Qatalum hosts the 16th ARABAL in November

ARABAL to be held in Doha with fresh new identity

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ARABAL to be held in Doha with fresh new identity

​​​​​Qatalum has announced that they would be hosting the 16th Arab International Aluminium conference (Arabal 2012) under the patronage of HE Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry and Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Petroleum at the Grand Hyatt Doha, from 19-21 November 2012.

In preparation for hosting ARABAL, the only conference dedicated to the aluminium industry in the Arab World, Qatalum has formed a special taskforce, comprised of a number of the company’s highly qualified personnel and chaired by Mr. Ibrahim J. Fakhri to supervise all aspects of the conference from planning through to execution. Qatalum is keen to ensure the event will be expertly organised and run to the highest standards.

In its statement on the occasion Qatalum, extended its heartfelt thanks to HE Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry for his patronage of Arabal 2012, which will be held in Doha for the first time.

“There is no doubt that the State of Qatar, its government and people, welcome all the meaningful and significant activities and events that are being run, in line with the directives of our wise leadership, to make Qatar the regional hub for business, thought, culture, art, sport and all other aspects of life. Therefore, Qatalum has been committed to aligning itself to extending this pioneering approach within its sector. It is our aim to raise awareness of the aluminum industry and the role of Qatar, as is represented by Qatalum, in supporting the aluminium industry, ultimately guiding it to a position of leadership and opening the door for related industries to develop and grow”.

Speaking on Qatalum’s role as host, Mr. Fakhri commented: “Qatalum is giving top priority to this event in terms of preparation, planning and execution. We have appointed the best, most highly qualified, and experienced personnel from within the Qatalum team to manage the preparations and have contracted leading agencies in event management and marketing to ensure that ARABAL 2012 will be a resounding success”.

“Following consultations with the ARABAL member companies, Qatalum has developed a new identity for the conference, as part of their endeavour to present the conference with a new and updated look; consistent with the on-going development in the Arab aluminium industry. ARABAL’s fresh new identity will be launched soon on the conference’s new website,” Fakhri added.

Fakhri affirmed that this year’s conference would include key topics, discussion panels, and workshops related to the aluminium industry on both local and international levels. A select group of industry experts and academics will be hosted as speakers to share their experience and views with participants and attendees. Arabal 2012 will have a global promotional campaign with the aim to bring together the largest possible number of aluminium professionals and experts in order to enhance the conference’s outputs, raise awareness, and open the door for all to exchange experience and information and to boost communication between all stakeholders in the industry.

Arabal 2012 is expected to attract a huge attendance due to the momentous development witnessed in Qatar across various sectors. The country has drawn the attention of numerous investors and companies seeking feasible investment opportunities in various sectors, particularly the industrial field, as Qatar has a wealth of natural gas resources, solid infrastructure as well numerous other positive investment factors and requirements at its disposal.

ARABAL is the only conference dedicated to the aluminium industry in the Arab World. It was started in 1983 by Kuwait Aluminium Company to bring together leading figures in Middle East Aluminium in order to strengthen ties and discuss the issues of the day. ARABAL is the only conference in the world attended by every single primary aluminium manufacturer in the Arab Region. The conference has evolved from being held every two years to annually as of 2011, in response to the increasing importance and on-going development of the aluminium industry in the region.