Qatalum encourages students to join the industrial sector

Qatalum had sent representatives to the Al Wakra Independent High School to encourage young Qataris to join the labor market via the industrial sector gate.

​​Qatalum encourages students to join the industrial sector

The visit was in line with the policy of Qatarisation and part of the company’s corporate social responsibility ethics. Waleed Al Obaidly, HR Manager, Amir Farah, Head of T& D and Mohammed Al- Mannai, Qatarisation Recruitment Supervisor met with the school’s students and outlined a detailed presentation about the importance of industrial sector particularly the aluminum industry to the Qatari economy.

Mr. Khalid Laram, DCEO of Qatalum said the company has been very active in supporting the educational sector and the Qatarisation process. “It is essential that Qataris now participate in this amazing growth that is taking place in Qatar and play an active role. However, in order to do that the young need special attention, they need to be trained and educated into the right fields, and they have to be educated in the latest technology. We at Qatalum take our responsibility in helping Qataris to become active citizens as very important”.

The visit is part of the Qatarisation policy adopted by the company with the aim to involve young Qataris and enable them to make a genuine and effective contribution to the country’s successful development process, particularly as the country’s prudent leadership pays a special attention to young people who are the means to ensure sustainable prosperity and welfare. During the visit, Qatalum’s delegation educated students and staff on the various opportunities Qatalum can provide through a structured system of recruitment, training, coaching and career development.

The company’s Qatarisation process focuses on career development programs which would enable Qatari nationals to operate in operator/technician roles across the organization.

This involves structured learning and support to enable employees to build knowledge, skills and experience thereby developing competence in a role within a specific discipline. They were also made aware of the fact that each employee is provided with career progression tools that enable competence and skill development.

Qatalum provides the choice of short term international assignments, internal and external training courses (including formal education) to enable students to be able to take on senior positions.

Students expressed their admiration for Qatalum which is an internationally renowned company, a leader in its field. The visit left the students thrilled as this was the first time any organisation from Mesaieed Industrial City came to encourage Qatari youth on pursuing a technical career. As part of the next step an agreement was made to have a plant tour organised for the students in the first week of March.

Qatalum has also proposed to sponsor the​ upcoming Parent Teacher’s Day so that even parents could be educated on the various initiatives offered by Qatalum to support the organisation’s Qatarisation approach.

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