Hydro renewed

Hydro is taking a new step as a global supplier of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions, embarking on a new chapter of its 112-year history with a new visual identity.

After its 2017 acquisition of Sapa, the world's No. 1 aluminium extrusion company, Hydro now has a significant presence in all parts of the aluminium value chain. The company is marking this new chapter in its 112-year history by renewing and modernizing its visual identity after a year-long process with broad involvement among its 35,000 employees worldwide.

"We are still the same purpose-driven company that was founded in Norway more than a century ago. That has not changed," says President & CEO Svein Richard Brandtzæg. "Our new visual identity reflects the change that Sapa is making within our company, with expansion into new global markets and regions, and the onboarding of more than 20,000 new colleagues."

New visual identity reflects Nordic heritage
Designed by the Oslo and New York-based architecture and design firm Snøhetta, Hydro's new logo retains the distinctive "sail" of past logos to reflect the company's Norwegian heritage and business continuity. The more modern look also acknowledges the renewal of Hydro as a company.

"Our purpose is to create a more viable society, and our contribution is to help engineer the future and lightweight our planet through innovative and sustainable aluminium products and solutions," Brandtzæg says.

"We have low-carbon aluminium products that are best in class, and with our engineering competence, we work with customers to use this metal in solutions that are bringing society forward.

"This marks the start of our next chapter."

Hydro aspires to become better, bigger and greener through continuous improvement of existing operations, selective growth and expansion, and setting new standards for responsibility and sustainability within the global aluminium industry.

The acquisition of Sapa to become Hydro's new Extruded Solutions business area represents a big step forward in all three dimensions of this aspiration, while also necessitating a rebranding of more than 150 offices and production sites, across global aluminium markets and toward more than 30,000 customers.


Source: Hydro press-room