Spot and Stop safety Campaign launched at Qatalum

Further to Qatalum’s annual HSE safety campaigns, the 2015 campaign has been given more impetus to improve on its 2014 TRIR target.

​This year’s campaign is aimed at all employees encouraging one another to ‘SPOT’ any unsafe acts or conditions and high potential near misses. No matter what the scenario, stopping actions is critical so that the incident can be adequately dealt with. Safety is paramount, ahead of production.

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The campaign also aims to increase the quality of HSE observations and implement preventive and corrective actions and measures. The objective of is simply to improve HSE Performance by reducing the number of injuries and incidents
Ultimately, HSE at Qatalum is everybody’s responsibility.
In order to achieve these objectives, the following the messages must be communicated to respective team members:
• Encourage our team members to SPOT any unsafe acts/conditions and high potential near misses
• Encouraging them to SPOT can increase quality HSE observations and implement preventive actions/measures.
• HSE is everybody’s responsibility - everybody is responsible to stop any unsafe acts/behaviour’s and conditions
• If we ensure safety of ourselves, let’s ensure safety of our colleagues as well!