Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Qatalum

In order to satisfy both legal requirements, demands from financial institutions and internal rules and directives, a SIA will be carried out during the Feasibility phase of the Qatalum project.

​​The SIA will typically address :

  • Regional and country analysis on demographics, political system and stability, human rights situation, level of corruption and economics ​
  • Identification and dialogue with project stakeholders, e.g. authorities, partners, plant neighbours, employees, contractors and non governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Socio economic and socio cultural effects of the project, both positive and negative
  • Plans and mitigating measures to address issues that have been identified

​Qatar is currently goin​g through a period of political reform and is by many ways perceived to be spearheading trials democratisation in the region. A special committee is working to redraft the constitution, while a special commission have been set up to address human rights, including women’s rights. Through the SIA process, Hydro will follow this development closely.

Employment of foreign nationals and their working conditions is an issue that Hydro must address both regarding own employees and those employed by contractors.