Qatar University students Industrial Visit

Qatalum invited university students and faculty to its facilities in advance of them applying for internships or projects for the summer.

This is a strategy used by Qatalum to attract National talent and increase the awareness about Qatalum in Qatar’s educational sector.

On the 3 November 2016 students and faculty arrived at the Qatalum Training Centre. The visit’s agenda was a tour of the Carbon department. Therefore, before proceeding visitors had to take a carbon induction course.

The University sent students and faculty in a delegation of 4 persons (3 students and 1 professor) from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Qatar University to partly contribute towards exposing students to various industries within Qatar.

The tour took visitors into the Paste Plant, and Anode Service Plant concluded by a debriefing.

According to Mr. AbdulHalim Al-Bader, Qatarization and Development Manager, “This kind of interaction between the University and industry will definitely help Qatalum towards contributing towards Qatar’s Vision 2030. It raises the awareness of the importance of heavy industry to the State of Qatar.”

Bernhard Eich, Carbon Manager said, “The frequent university visits will enhance Qatalum’s market presence within the local talent pool helping attract a talented workforce to Qatalum.

Samahat Samim, the visiting Professor said that these visits will help the students understand the real application of their education within the context of industrial operations.

Qatalum is looking forward to attracting talented Nationals to join its workforce. Through the internships, students with aptitude perform projects with flair and contribute toward achieving their project’s objectives. In turn this allows them to gain field experience and knowledge familiarising them with the industrial working environment.