Qatar University Department of Chemistry and Earth Science students Visit Qatalum

Qatar University Department of Chemistry and Earth Science students Visit Qatalum

Qatar University's department of Chemistry and Earth organized industrial trip to Qatalum to provide its students an insight regarding internal working of Qatar Aluminium. 16 female students and 3 faculty members visited on 30th October followed by 5 male students and 1 faculty member on 31st October.

On both days, the students arrived the facility at 08:30 in the morning at Qatalum Gate 1 from where they were taken to the Qatalum training centre for an introduction and welcome speech at 09 10 am. There were presentation on Reduction and Casthouse prior to tour of these places at 1100 hours.

After the tour, Qatalum had arranged lunch for the students and faculty members at 12 30 pm. By 1300 hours the students finished their visit and left Qatalum.

Qatalum employees involved in this activity were Mr. Mohammed Al-Mannai – A/Q&D Manager. Head of Qatarization & Development, Mr. Magdi Hamed – Training & Development Supervisor, Mr. Edward Wyk - Training & Development Supervisor, Mr. Sharat Kumar Elayambari - Training & Development Supervisor and Mr. Mohammed Sowayed – Graduate Developed –Reduction.

Head of Qatarization & Development and acting Qatarization & Development Manager Mr. Al-Mannai in his speech, expressed his gratitude to the organizers of this trip in Qatar University as well as the Reduction team and Cast House team for their assistance in making it a successful trip. He added that the aim of this kind of collaboration between Qatar University and Qatalum is to contribute to develop student's skills and knowledge about the aluminium industry.

Mr. Hamed, Training & Development supervisor said that the exposure to real life industry allows the students to comprehend and see the connection between the theoretical knowledge and practical aspect.

Overall, this visit by the students provided a platform to Qatalum to increase awareness about itself in the educational sector by imparting the practical knowledge to these students. This is in line with Qatalum's social responsibility towards the community and contributes to Qatar 2030 vision. The visit will also possibly help attract Qatar nationals to join Qatalum.