Qatar Aluminum Donates to Qatar Diabetes Association

Qatar Aluminum (Qatalum) have donated to Qatar Diabetes Association to help it cover the costs of blood glucose monitoring devices and accessories for about 400 diabetes patients

Since its inception, Qatalum is keen to participate in corporate social responsibility efforts by organizing awareness campaigns and charitable activities aiming to promote the health and safety of the society and individuals.


After giving the donation cheque to Qatar Diabetes Association representatives, Mr. Ibrahim Jassim Fakhri, Qatalum Communications Manager, says: “Qatalum continues to promote its high standing as a leader of operational excellence, environment-friendly performance, high quality aluminum production in the GCC and fulfill our obligations towards the society. We believe it is our duty to give back to this society that gave us a lot by supporting social organizations such as Qatar Diabetes Association.”

“Diabetes rates increase at an alarming pace in this Region. It is our duty then to help raise public awareness about the disease and provide resources to help patients to live with it and lead a very normal life. This step is part of Qatalum social corporate responsibility plan to support the Qatari society and raise public awareness about the necessity to assist all concerned organizations in order to build a healthy future for next generations,” he added.


Dr. Abdullah Omar Al Hamaq, Executive Director of Qatar Diabetes Association, says: “We value this support from Qatalum and encourage all companies operating in Qatar to play their roles in supporting societal organizations such as Qatar Diabetes Association. Diabetes is really a dangerous disease spreading into the Region. This support is very important because it will be used in purchasing blood glucose monitoring devices and accessories to help patients avoid its complications and risks.”

The results of the National Gradual Survey Report of 2012 reveal that 16.7% of adult Qataris suffer from Diabetes and about 415 million patients live with the disease across the World. It is expected, according to the report, that the number will reach 642 million diabetics by 2040.


Qatalum sponsors Qatar Diabetes Association due to the important role of the Association. This support is part of Qatalum policy for providing best education and health services and awareness for the society in general.

Founded in 1995 as a non-profit organization, Qatar Diabetes Association is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. It has a vision for leading the efforts of patient care in Qatar and the Region; promoting diabetes management and prevention; publishing updates about the disease; carrying out research to serve the society and developing international research methods and tools.