Qatalum wins Arab Organization for Social Responsibility Prize and Certificate of Excellence

During the 4th Session of the recognition ceremony in Dubai, Qatalum won a Certificate of Excellence from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility, in an awards ceremony held at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, June 24th. The award was received on behalf

The award honours the agencies and people engaged in the field of social responsibility, in recognition of their outstanding efforts at a regional level towards promoting the notion of social responsibility in the Arab world.

Qatalum won this award in recognition of the company's outstanding efforts in the economic, social and environmental areas, which come in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Over the past few years, Qatalum has supported many educational community initiatives, and a number of sporting and cultural events. The company has also maintained a keen interest and deep commitment to all international environmental standards, in order to achieve sustainable development in the industry and energy sectors in Qatar.

Qatalum prioritizes environmental considerations as of crucial importance to its sustainability. The aluminium smelter is thus one of the most environmentally friendly smelters in the world, and the production of primary aluminium made significant progress in the field of energy efficiency and emission reduction. The company also reduces landfill by-products by recycling them.

To support education, Qatalum held the Chair Position at Qatar University to promote the study of the aluminium industry in the university for three years, and appoint the right person in the Material Technology Unit in order to develop applied research programs relevant to the applications and uses of aluminium. This step has been reinforced by promoting close cooperation with universities from around the world with advanced expertise and studies in this area, in addition to the close link between the Materials Technology Unit and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This partnership seeks to work towards solving great challenges in the aluminium industry and addressing issues of considerable importance. Examples include energy-saving, preserving, and absorbing carbon dioxide; as well as creating eco-friendly technology, taking into account factors of safety and health in the operational processes, and providing specialists in aluminium technology in order to enhance the development of the industry and related fields in Qatar.

Qatalum also holds summer training programs for students, as part of the Social Responsibility Program to support the Job Qatarisation Policy. Through this program, Qatalum seeks to encourage all Qatari students from high school and university to apply to an intensive, valuable summer training program lasting two months, to find promising candidates from the next generation with the enthusiasm and desire to work, to help students plan their career futures, and to lay the foundations for the construction of long-term human capital within the company.

Last year, Qatalum won an award from the Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), for the company's participation in the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility, by sponsoring Iftar Ramadan Tents. The Foundation awarded Qatalum an Honorary Award in recognition of its support of the Foundation's activities.

Qatalum is a founding member of the Qatar Green Building Council, and a member of the Gulf Aluminium Council. Through these two memberships, Qatalum continues its quest to be an exemplary regional hub for environmental sustainability and the development of the local and regional aluminium industry.