Qatalum uses ALUEXPO 2013 to continue push into Europe

3rd Trade Fair in Turkey allows Qatalum to develop European markets

IMG_0097-470.jpgThe Qatalum stand at ALUEXPO 2013

Qatalum has taken part in ALUEXPO 2013, exhibiting and holding a gala dinner for all its European clients. The ALUEXPO 2013 event was the “3rd Aluminium Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair” and was held in Istanbul from 3 to 6 October.

Qatalum’s aluminium products are increasingly reaching many European countries through the burgeoning Turkish market, within which Qatalum already has 28 clients. This meant ALUEXPO 2013 was an unparalleled opportunity for the company to reach its existing clients and attract new ones.

As part of the four-day event, Qatalum hosted a gala dinner for all its clients in Turkey, which built upon a ‘knowledge exchange’, and the immense networking opportunities available through this unique tough point with the European market, from construction to automotive, packaging, defence and energy. Over the course of the Fair, Qatalum’s senior management delegation attended meetings with an array of people within the regional aluminium sector - from general managers to technicians, purchasers and engineers.

IMG_0217-470.jpgQatalum ‘knowledge exchange’ gala dinner for all its clients in Turkey

Qatalum Logistics Manager Nafal Al-Hajri said at the conclusion of the Expo, “Qatalum made use of this opportunity to contact other industry leaders to explore mutually beneficial collaborations, discuss common issues and challenges, and investigate new methods to improve processes and operations.

“We always look forward to such important events that gather together global leading companies from the aluminium sector. Turkey, in particular, holds various lucrative opportunities, and not only did the event provide an excellent platform for us to meet our global counterparts, but it also enabled us to investigate new export destinations and locate potential investment projects within Turkey,” he said.​