Qatalum to participate in Aluminium Symposium

​Qatalum has made great strides to ensure the continued growth of the aluminium industry within this country.

As the energy sector begins to face new challenges, the importance of aluminium is growing. In order to fully harness its potential, it is important that the industry not only take daring new approaches but also bolster winning formulas already in place.

Annually, Qatalum, Hydro and Qatar University join hands in developing and supporting competence in aluminium production, application and research in Qatar. This year is no different. On  December 14th, between 7:30 am and 2:00 pm, Qatalum will participate at the Annual Aluminium Symposium at the InterContinental Hotel in West Bay.

The Symposium is themed around 'The Engine for Growth in the Region' wherein various papers and presentation will be made by distinguished professionals within the field on topics related to production, usage and recycling of aluminium. The sessions will conclude with a panel discussion followed by lunch.

Students will also be given the opportunity to present their research to the audience. It is the students present that are key to Qatalum. Their interest and inclusion within the aluminium related educational sector allows for the development of a human resource base. According to CEO, Khalid Laram, "By investing in education, not only Qatalum, but the aluminium industry at large will continue to reap the benefits of a research community which is dedicated to our success. Whilst furthermore, a new contingent of future aluminium professionals will continue to emerge from the world class universities present here in Qatar."

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