Qatalum releases 2012 Sustainability Report

The second annual Sustainability Report presents latest environmental, human, CSR, safety and training developments within Qatalum.

​​​Qatalum has released its second annual Sustainability Report. Entitled “Harnessing the Sustainable Potential of Aluminium”, it builds on actual field data collected at Qatalum and includes data from last year’s report “Our Sustainable Journey”, in detailing the company’s approach, perspect​ive and progress following international standards of sustainability indicators.

Within the report, which celebrates a nine-year journey towards a prosperous and responsible future, Qatalum has presented its baseline sustainability approach covering the company’s most material issues. With this second report, the focus has broadened in line with Qatalum’s growing sustainability agenda.

The first quarter of the new report presents an overview of the company, plant, management, board, organisational structure, mandate and mission. The second quarter details the company’s principles, values, integrated and international Management Systems, the developmental impact of aluminium and Qatalum, while going into considerable detail on evidence of aluminium’s green credentials, and the support to Qatar’s economic diversification.

The second half of the report, and its key component, outlines the progress made towards production excellence, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, supply chain developments, climate change mitigation, waste management, water management, biodiversity, the company’s Qatarisation policy, training and public engagement, HSE policy, health and wellness, and Qatalum’s many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives over the past year.

According to Abdul Rahman Ahmad Al-Shaibi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the report addresses the call from His Excellency Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Industry, for the sector to report on its sustainability performance as part of the Sustainable Development Industry Reporting (SDIR) Programme.

Qatalum continues to inte​grate sustainability into its core strategies, corporate culture, and DNA. As a reflection on the company’s pre-eminent emphasis on sustainability, in 2012 the Board of Directors approved creation of a full-time Sustainability Manager position to help ensure that sustainability is embedded into everything Qatalum does.​

Sustainability Report 2012​