Qatalum receives Food Safety Hygiene award from MIC

MIC is the highest food service authority in Qatalum’s business area and therefore which maintains very high performance standards. Therefore to achieve a certified recognition requires excellent procedural standards thus practised by the Qatalum Canteen.


The MIC Food Authority conducted several random site inspections since Qatalum opened its facility in 2010. Recently, MIC decided to maintain a yearly Food Safety Awareness Campaign and invited all food facilities within their authority to participate. Apart from creating and sustaining quality based competition within the services, the campaign also advised, monitored and checked that facilities were in line with the strict catering health and safety standards set by the State of Qatar. At the end of the campaign, MIC announced that 5 outlets were to be awarded the ‘Best Canteen’ award.

According to Ahmed El-Debabi, Catering Supervisor, “This year and despite challenges had by Qatalum such as the blockage problem in the grease trap system, Qatalum managed to maintain its very high standards and therefore earned the respect of MIC and thereafter the award.  Qatalum continues to be among the best facilities at maintaining good food safety standards within MIC.”

Certificate of Appreciation copy.JPG

Whereas all other facilities within MIC are run by a team of catering staff who work towards fulfilling operating proficiency, Qatalum makes do with a single person, Ahmed El-Debabi which is an excellent achievement indeed.