Qatalum presents at Qatar University

Again, Qatalum stands amongst its peers at participating towards a sustainably beneficial outcome with Academia. Qatalum’s approach strongly advocates the ‘Human Development’ pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

A multidisciplinary audience attend the Symposium

Qatar University held a Materials Science and Engineering Symposium on March 10, 2016 at the New Research Complex, Qatar University. The symposium was jointly organized by the Center for Advanced Materials (CAM), Qatar University and Texas A&M University at Qatar and was generously sponsored by Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO).

This annual event has, over the last few years, manifested itself as a valuable platform where researchers, academics and industry professionals come together and discuss the latest trends and advances in materials science and engineering. The objective of the symposium is to promote dialogue and exchange of ideas among experts from various disciplines, as well as identify and address prospects for future inter-disciplinary collaboration.

This year’s symposium focused on the theme “Academia and Industry: Fostering Innovation through Collaboration”. It encompassed current industrial needs, trends in research and ways to enhance knowledge transfers between academia to industry.

The event featured distinguished keynote and invited speakers from the USA, UK, and Qatalum, a panel discussion and a poster session. The dedicated poster session was designed to offer researchers and students a chance to present their findings in the form of a poster and receive valuable feedback from attendees.

Qatalum was represented by Sustainability Adviser, Dr Mufeed Odeh, PhD, and PE (Licensed Professional Engineer). He was invited to give a presentation at the symposium as a representative of a non-hydrocarbon industry thriving in Qatar. His 10:00 am talk entitled ‘Aluminium & Non-Hydro Carbon Industries - An Educational Experience in Qatar’, centred on how Qatalum and Academia have a mutually beneficial relationship under the premise of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Dr Odeh addressing the audience with his presentation

Dr Odeh highlighted all the activities between Qatalum and the various universities in Qatar with special mention of student internships, in-house training, developing research and building human potential within a business model led by Qatalum. He also conveyed our CEO’s message of how essential the relationship with the educational and research institutions is to us at Qatalum.

About the event and the response to his presentation, Dr Odeh said, “Qatalum takes a leading role among businesses in Qatar when it comes to state of the art research and human development and dealing with the education & Research institutions; which are essential pillars of the Qatar Vision 2030. And, the Qatalum Professor Chair at Qatar University personifies this and enhances the relationship.”