Qatalum participates in Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair 2013

Participation builds on 2012 success with ECO Step concept and education on sustainability of aluminium.

Qatalum participates in Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair 2013

​Qatalum participated in this year’s Qatar Petroleum (QP) Environmental Fair, at Doha Exhibition Center from 14 to 16 April. The event, the slogan for which was “Clean Energy for a Sustainable World”, brought children and teenagers from ages 3 to 18 covering many nationalities and backgrounds, and QP employees and their families, together to learn about Qatalum’s plans for renewable energy solutions.

Qatalum’s involvement, this year, sought to build upon the success of last year’s Fair, which included the “ECO step” concept, and delivered messages to visitors that aluminium is a genuinely sustainable metal that can lead to a more sustainable world.

Qatalum participates in Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair 2013 

The company’s 2013 theme for the Fair related to creating renewable energy solutions, portraying aluminium as a renewable energy source contributing to energy crisis prevention, showing that aluminium helps to preserve energy sources and can participate in the emerging clean energy market globally. Aluminium, Qatalum is keen to emphasise, helps to improve environmental performance due to its energy efficiency.

The concepts that made up this general theme were shown on Qatalum posters during the event in the form of ‘Q&A’. For example, one poster asked; how many times could the same aluminium can be recycled? Another question asked whether the quality of aluminium produced is an indicator of energy efficiency? Yet another asked whether we can benefit from the intelligent use of energy in the production of aluminium.

Qatalum participates in Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair 2013 Qatalum participates in Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair 2013

Qatalum’s CEO, Tom Petter Johansen, believes participation in events such as the Environmental Fair is extremely important. “Qatalum is committed to sustainability, both within the company and the industry at large. Taking part in events such as this helps to bring to a new audience the sustainability argument for aluminium, and encourage ‘buy-in’ among a younger generation to the concepts of efficiency, sustainability, and the importance of recycling,” he said.

Qatalum is a founding member of the Qatar Green Building Council and its Deputy CEO Khalid Mohammed Laram is a board member of the Council. In March, a Zero Emissions Lab was opened at the Qatalum Plant dedicated to researching and testing aluminium used in curtain wall solutions in support of creating energy, emission and carbon neutral buildings in the Middle East.​​