Qatalum opens project canteen for contractors

​In an attempt to streamline contractor man-hours and increase hygiene, nutrition and safety, Qatalum will facilitate the old project canteen for use as the Qatalum Contractor Canteen starting December 2, 2014.

The old project canteen, lying disused, has now been spruced up and refitted to sit 170 diners. It will facilitate, by the 12th of December, a service of 3 meal sessions per day in unison with the main Qatalum Canteen. There will be 2 serving lines with hot food, salad and desserts.

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The first users of this service will be Staref, the relining contractor, for 30 of their staff and the number of meals are set to increase to 150 by the 12th of December. A further increase to numbers will be ongoing as more contractors are encouraged by Qatalum to benefit from this service.

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The key driver for this initiative is to improve meals for the contractors. The arrangement allows contractors to negotiate an affordable package with the catering company and in return they get meals cooked in the Qatalum kitchen. This keeps contractors onsite, saving man-hours, benefiting Qatalum and the contractor. However, ultimately the service guarantees a high standard of nutrition, together with the required safety and hygiene standards.