Qatalum on TV

​Watch the coverage of Qatalum by Al Rayyan TV in their series of industries in Qatar.

On the 21st of October 2015, Al Rayyan TV covered Qatalum in a series of films produced about industries in Qatar. Their objective was to shed light on the aluminium industry in Qatar and covered all the operational processes within the smelter. Led by Fousid Hassan from the Communications department, the TV crew of 3 gained access into all operational areas under the strict supervision of departmental representatives.


Further to the footage there was a studio based Arabic language interview with Saeed Al Marri, Marketing and Sales Manager. However within Qatalum, Jassim Al Mejali, Process Engineer in Reduction was the main narrative source.

Within the footage one can see the level of automation and HSE adhered to by the smelter. As part of its business strategy Qatalum is one of the most efficient aluminium smelters in the world with a highly advanced technical and environmental focus.