Qatalum launches its first magazine ‘Al2to3gether’

Qatalum has launched their first in house magazine – a resounding proof of their success and their commitment to their goals.

The magazine is entitled ‘Al2to3gether’ which is a name that symbolizes the work spirit of Qatalum, and reflects the Company’s superiority and its ability to overcome challenges, as one team. ‘Al2to3gether’ also helps ​remind employees of these great achievements on a daily basis and it reinforces their team spirit. The magazine’s launch hopes to provide an open forum to discuss the ideas and ambitious plans that the company plans to achieve, for the good of both the company and its employees. The motto of the magazine is inspired by a symbol of aluminium oxide ‘Al2O3’ which is the main raw material used by the aluminium industry.
Qatalum was constructed as a part of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and the smelter has an important role to play in the country’s economic development. For the past two years Qatalum has been expanding and working on improving its status in the aluminium industry. We have been very active, participating in, attending and sponsoring a number of regional and international conferences, as well as working on huge beneficial investments.
Qatalum is one of three new aluminium projects in the gulf region to have started production since 2008, and is part of the reason that, by 2012, the Middle East will account for around ten percent of the world’s primary aluminium production, compared with just four percent in 2007. The smelter’s strategic location allows it to serve customers in Europe, Asia, the US and the Middle East, while at the same time benefiting from access to Qatar’s abundant gas supplies.
Speaking at the launch of this milestone magazine, Communications Manager Ibrahim Fakhri said “we are really proud to present the first issue of ‘Al2to3gether’. It has been very painstakingly put together by the team and is a complete acknowledgement of Qatalum’s success so far. We have come a long way since the inception of the aluminium smelter, and we have every reason to pat ourselves on the back for our resonating successes. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who has worked on this magazine, well done!”
There are infinite growth opportunities for aluminium moving forward, and the metal’s low environmental impact – right throughout its lifecycle – makes it a particularly suitable material in today’s age of growing environmental awareness. We are all really excited to watch the gulf aluminium industry grow over the coming years and decades, and I am certain that the future for aluminium in the region will be even brighter than we expect.”
Also speaking “The issuing of our new magazine ‘Al2to3gether’ has come at a truly good time, coinciding with Qatalum reaching its full production capacity after seven years of hard work and dedication. The magazine also aims to highlight the important role played by natural gas in the aluminium production process. Our aim goes beyond building and operating a world-class aluminium smelter. We also want to make a lasting contribution to the future growth and prosperity of Qatar, adding value through personnel development, economic diversification and sustainable processes and results.”
Qatalum was constructed as a part of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and the smelter has an important role to play in the country’s economic development. With a first phase production capacity of 585,000 metric tonnes per year from 704 cells, Qatalum will enable Qatar to contribute a significant portion towards GCC aluminium production. ​