Qatalum joins the 2014 Job Fair

On the 13th of May, 2014 Qatalum participated in the 2014 Job Fair at the College of the North Atlantic Qatar (CNAQ)

​The objective and purpose of attending the Fair was to promote Qatalum and the nature of its business by opening its doors to the employment of both nationals and non-nationals. The event provided an opportunity to seek fresh and talented individuals that will continue the legacy of success at Qatalum.

The events allowed participants to come in early on the 12th of May from 3 pm to 4 pm to prepare their stands and material. The following day, 13th May, the 2014 Job Fair was officially opened at 9:00 am and went on to 8:00 pm.

A total of 64 applicants comprising of students from CNAQ showed interest in Qatalum with 70% interested in employment and 30% wanting to peruse Internships. The majority of applicants were non-nationals.

According to Amir Farah, Head of Training and Development, HR & Administration, "Despite present challenges such as cost-cutting and savings, Qatalum still considers the importance of opening its doors fairly to new applicants and to observe equality between nationals and non-nationals. This open door philosophy is a positive sign that our principles at Qatalum are strongly guided by our core values.

"With the 2014 Job Fair held at the College of the North Atlantic, Qatalum became better known to the public. We hope to continue this good practice and show the young generation that Qatalum does not set boundaries when it comes to success. We believe that success can be achieved through everybody's efforts."


Contribution by Amir Farah