Qatalum holds Walk and Talk event for International Women’s Day

Qatalum marked International Women’s Day with a Walk and Talk event for Qatari Women, at Aspire Park on Thursday, 8 March.


The event, which saw the participation of Qatari female staff from Qatalum, was held in association with the Qatari Business Women's Association. It brought together over one hundred women representing a cross section of society, providing them with an opportunity to discuss their professional goals, successes and challenges while walking along the jogging circuit in the Aspire Zone.

Right from the inception of the company, Qatalum has recognized the value of human capital and has always supported its female staff by providing excellent training facilities and opportunities for personal development.

So, it was only natural that the company would extend its support to an event that would help empower women in Qatar, thereby contributing to the country's social, economic and human development.

The Walk and Talk session is part of a larger event, the Global Mentoring Walk, that is held on the same day in countries across the world, and combines the idea of being able to have a discussion, while engaged in a physical activity.

Mentoring, a more hands-on and casual version of one-to-one coaching, is becoming increasingly popular, with even more corporate managers touting it as the best way to inspire, engage and exchange ideas with others.

It is a particularly effective support system for women, giving them a platform to discuss the challenges that they face in common or that affect women in particular; for instance, the "glass ceiling" or the obstacles to career growth that women commonly face in corporate and professional environments.

Qatalum's female staff who attended the event, benefitted from the mentoring programme, as they could spend quality, one-on-one time discussing a range of personal and professional concerns.

Qatalum is delighted at being given the opportunity to financially support such an initiative as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, and has  no doubt that it will have a long-term impact amongst the women of Qatar.