Qatalum encourages environmental awareness at Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair 2011

Qatalum encourages environmental awareness

Qatalum is once again participating in the 4th annual Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair, taking place at the Doha Exhibition Centre from 1 to 3 April, where its stand showcases the company's environment-focused initiatives, highlights the importance of environmental awareness and responsibility, and promotes eco-friendly habits. ​​

​The primary focus of the awareness campaign at Qatalum’s stand during the Fair will be on recycling and the “second life” of items: all items should have a potential “second life” once their initial purpose has been served, and this will be highlighted through the concept “This is my next eco book/ bike/ shirt”, which will encourage people to think beyond an item’s immediate use to its potential through recycling.

Speaking of Qatalum’s involvement in the Fair, Joy Abraham, Environment Superintendent said, “Environmental sustainability and responsibility is very important to us at Qatalum. Right from the very beginning part of our vision for Qatalum was to create the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly smelter possible through investing in and implementing Hydro’s leading-edge, low environmental impact technology, which is part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

“Qatalum is committed to building a knowledge-based industry in Qatar as we strive to realise the vision of Qatar’s aluminium sector as an efficient transfer of energy to a solid state – gas to solids (GTS). However, our commitment goes beyond merely educating those in the industry. Our mission is to create a future of opportunities for the community through maintaining environmental integrity and by setting the standard in operational excellence. We want to not only be the best at what we do, but to ensure that we do it sustainably, so that not only our children, but our children’s children will be able to appreciate it. To this end, we are urging the public to consider possible uses for apparently useless items, their ‘second life’, and to take eco-friendly action wherever they may be: at the office printing, at home cooking, at a coffee shop reading a newspaper, or at university purchasing school supplies. Cut down on our environmental impact one decision and one item at a time. Build a future for our children and their children. This is the message that we are aiming to get across at the Fair,” Abraham added.

p>Several local companies are exhibiting at the Fair, which also offers a number of attractions and activities for fairgoers of all ages, includin​g children’s sports and play areas, drawing competitions, a metal detecting game, recycling activities, periodic cultural presentations, modern and traditional cafeterias, and marine and plantation areas, which are intended to highlight the importance of different types of environment.


Qatalum promotes concept of second life​.