Qatalum concludes sports league

​​Qatalum concludes this year’s Qatalum Sports League with prize giving at the Service Center Lobby and staff take away messages on teamwork and values.

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Initiated on 10 Feb 2015, Qatalum Sports League was opened during Qatar’s National Sports Day and welcomed employees, family members and friends.

After more the two months of competition, winners were recognised and awarded trophies during the closing ceremony.

Activities during the closing ceremony involved opening remarks by the CEO Tom Petter Johansen with awards handed out to the following winning categories; Badminton, Cricket, Football, Basketball and to the most valuable players. Closing Remarks were made by HSE Manager Deon Earle

The winners were:
Champion: Casthouse
1st Runners-up: Technical 2
2nd Runners-up: Technical 1
3rd Runners-up: Reduction 2

Winner: Sreekumar - Carbon Dept.
Runners-up: Sajeev Nair - Reduction Dept.
3rd Place: Muralidharan Chathoth - Technical Dept.
4th Place: Atun Nursalim - Technical Dept.

Winners: Murali and Atun Nursalim - Technical Dept.
Runners-up: Riyadi and Michael - QPS
3rd Place: Dr. Vimeshkumar and Jeason - Admin.
4th Place: Babban Robana and Taufiq Ihsan - Power Plant.

Mixed Doubles Winners: Suharmento and Wife - Power Plant.
Runners-up: Cecep Gunawan and Wife - QPS.
3rd Place: Jeason and Wife - Admin.

Winner: Reduction
2nd place: Carbon
3rd place: Cast house
League winner/4th Place: Technical
Best goal scorer of the tournament: Sergio Santana - Carbon

Winner: Potline 1
2nd place: Casthouse
3rd place: Power plant
4th place: Potline 2

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Tom Petter Johansen, CEO said, “Learning never stops. We as QMT challenge each and every one of you to apply those learnings in your respective workplaces. How you promoted the Qatalum values in playing these games must be practiced within the Qatalum organisation.”

Deon Earle, HSE Manager said, “We at the HSE Department witnessed how this small league grew into a much wider competition. We are proud on the success of this league and the success of each and every one of us!”