Qatalum celebrates holiday with an Eid Brunch

On the 22 September employees of Qatalum were invited to the Al Silia ballroom of the Grand Hyatt to participate in festivities of Eid Al Fitr. Treated to a brunch which also contained traditional food, the day’s program involved and showcased unique Qatari cultural activities and traditions.

Approximately 500 Qatalum ​​employees were welcomed by ushers in traditional dress to what can only be described as a luxurious setting. On arrival they were presented with incense and dates before they made their way to the vast food display. Arranged in a large circle, a sumptuous variety of brunch dishes included some Qatari favourites such as 'khanfarouch' pancakes, 'lukymat' sweet dumplings and 'harissa' wheat with lamb.

To the left and what proved to be a huge hit was a photo kiosk, at which employees were dressed in traditional clothes and had their portraits taken in a professional environment. Additionally, much to their delight, the prints were mounted and made available immediately.

Inside the ballroom, a traditional Qatari village was created from wood and palm tree fronds. There were eight types of handicrafts, such as basket weaving, Dhow making, a perfumery and a falcon display with additional local foods prepared for guests.

As guests sat down to brunch they were entertained by a traditional band playing typical folk songs. The band further performed several dances, with swords and walking sticks and even a one with a 'horse'. Atta Offei, head of Safety in HSE was amazed by the rhythmic section of the troupe. "The whole event was very enjoyable to me but the highlight had to be the drums in the band. They remind me so much of the rhythmic music of my home, Ghana", he said.

Qatalum celebrates holiday with an Eid Brunc 

At mid-day, the celebratory Eid cake was cut by the CEO and DCEO followed by a display of a traditional Qatari wedding. The wedding was a sight to see for all staff with its colours, jewellery and accompanying music and dancing.​

When asked about the activities the DCEO, Hassan Al Rashid said, "I am pleased that a large number of Qatalum and project staff have participated in Qatalum's celebration of Eid and I am delighted with the food presented and appreciated the various activities of the event."​​