Qatalum attends ALUEXPO 2015

Qatalum continues push into Turkish market connecting with leaders from the global aluminium sector, showcasing its value added premium products and enhancing its brand with the made in Qatar label.

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Qatalum has taken part in ALUEXPO 2015, connecting with leaders in the aluminium sector from all over the world over the course of the three-day fair. Billed as 'Eurasia's Leading Event for the Aluminium Industry', ALUEXPO 2015 was held from 8-10 October in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event's exhibitors included more than 350 major aluminium industry players from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.  Based at a stand at the Istanbul Expo Center, a senior management delegation from Qatalum networked with fellow participants and guests, shared knowledge, and disseminated information about the latest developments at the company.

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At the conclusion of the Fair, Mr Khalid Laram, CEO of Qatalum, said: "This year's ALUEXPO was a first-rate platform to connect with leaders and influencers from all across the global aluminium industry. Qatalum took full advantage of this opportunity to discuss new areas of cooperation and collaboration, to share knowledge about key trends and the main challenges in the sector, and to explore developments in best practices in processes and operations'.

Laram added, 'Turkey, at the crossroads of 2 continents allows for events such as the ALUEXPO to provide Qatalum with a platform to showcase its value added premium products to a wide audience and enhance our brand with the made in Qatar label."

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Additionally, ALUEXPO creates an opportunity to share technological development, products and services, as well as providing business development and investment in Turkey and Eurasia. Exhibitors were encouraged to learn about the latest developments in the industry, share their experiences, and display their products and services. This was the fourth such trade fair held in Turkey, the last being held in 2013.