Qatalum Unveils Altogether Magazine's 11th Edition

The issue focuses on pioneering sustainability while noting Qatalum’s success in the aluminium Industry

​In a resounding step towards transparency, knowledge sharing, and celebrating their journey towards sustainability, Qatalum proudly announces the release of the 11th edition of their esteemed digital publication, Altogether magazine. Available for online viewing, this edition shines a spotlight on the pivotal theme of decarbonizing the aluminium industry and fostering a greener future.

Click on the image to access Altogether magazines online.

In the spirit of acknowledging the incredible efforts and results achieved as a cohesive team over the past year, the 11th edition opens with an inspiring message from the CEO. The message applauds the dedication to identifying and fulfilling environmental obligations, celebrates the remarkable achievements in the company's 2022 corporate performance, and highlights the unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. As the digital pages of this edition unfold, they unveil a journey of transformative change, innovation, and a resolute drive toward a more sustainable future in the aluminium industry.

Access Altogether Magazine Online
Qatalum's commitment to transparency and engagement is further exemplified by the availability of Altogether magazine's 11th edition online. By making the publication accessible on the intranet the company ensures that its stakeholders, partners, and the wider community can stay informed about its journey towards sustainability, innovation, and positive change.

As the 11th edition of Altogether magazine illuminates the path to a greener future for the aluminium industry, Qatalum continues to stand as a beacon of progress, commitment, and environmental stewardship.