Qatalum Sustainability and Environment Effort Highlighted at International Forum

Qatalum receives prized international award for its appreciated role in sustainable development.


Al-Maha Al-Majid, Head of Sustainability and Environment at Qatalum, formally represented the company at the specialist International Forum to promote the goals and applications of UN sustainable development 2030. The forum was organised by the Regional Network for Social Responsibility, a member of the United Nations Global Compact Programme, to celebrate the International Day of Social Responsibility. It ran from 25 to 27 September 2017, and was held at Doha Marriott Hotel.

Al-Majid began by briefly introducing Qatalum. Next, she reiterated the company’s commitment towards Qatar National Vision 2030, particularly its fourth pillar, which is Environmental Development.  Al-Majid then walked participants through one of Qatalum’s applications towards Qatar National Vision 2030 on Environmental Development, which is “Qatalum’s waste/by-product is a raw material to other industries”.

The Sustainability and Environment team at Qatalum travelled extra miles to work out sustainable solutions to reusing Spent Pot Lining (SPL), a hazardous waste resultant from de-lining reduction cells once their lining is worn out. The team cooperated closely with fellow national entities Qatar National Cement Company, Al Khalij Cement and Qatar Steel in conducting the initial trials and tests to reuse SPL as raw materials in cement and steel operational processes. The team, with the support of all the operational groups at Qatalum, finally made it. This pioneering endeavour is the only one of its kind in the region and not often undertaken worldwide.

Qatalum proved that reusing SPL brings economic and environmental advantages to all parties. Economically, such reuse reduces production costs, for instance. Environmentally, it, amongst other things, lowers NOx emissions level, the amount of pre-treatment chemicals used and decreases landfilling, which may have a long-term impact on environment.

The Head of Sustainability and Environment at Qatalum concluded her presentation by citing the following quote on Environmental Development:

"We need to care for our natural environment for it was entrusted to us by God to use with responsibility and respect for the benefit of humankind. If we nurture our environment, it will nurture us." — Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Qatar National Vision 2030


At the end of the forum, Al-Majid received the Award for Scientific Efficiency in Sustainable Development. The high-level prestigious international award was granted in recognition of Qatalum’s appreciated scientific and professional effort in sustainable development.