Qatalum Supports Qatar Diabetes Association Projects

​Qatalum has contributed to the Qatar Diabetes Association

Qatalum has contributed to the Qatar Diabetes Association, Qatar Foundation and expressed its willingness to support the Association accomplish its projects and initiatives to improve the healthcare of diabetes patients and their families across the country.

Mr. Ibrahim Fakhri, Communications Manager at Qatalum, said, "We are very pleased to contribute to the valuable work of the Qatar Diabetes Association, offering healthcare and moral support to patients and their families and raising awareness about the impact of diabetes. Qatalum is keen to contribute to charities which serve social responsibility and human values, and reflect our company vision.

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Dr. Abdul Hamaq receiving the support documentation from Ibrahim Fakhri.

Dr. Abdul Hamaq, Director of the Qatar Diabetes Association said, "Qatalum has proved itself an asset to the Qatari economy and is reflecting its added value and willingness by assisting us to reach and provide healthcare to more patients and their families. Qatalum's contribution is an opportunity to strengthen our common relationship based on human values, social service and a collaborative society, and we hope Qatalum will enjoy sustained progress".

As part of Qatalum's commitment to social responsibility, the Company has previously provided support for medical, sporting, environmental and human areas in Qatar. Special contributions were given to the Al-Noor Institute – Doha, the Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care, the National Sport Day, and other similar projects and initiatives. In recognition of these efforts, Qatalum received the Social Responsibility Award, 2014, from the Arab Social Responsibility Organization.

The Qatar Diabetes Association was created in 1995 as a charitable NGO in Qatar. It is one of the education and development centers that has been an active member in the International Diabetes Federation since 1997. The Association aims to improve the healthcare diabetes patients and their families require, increase awareness about diabetes through the media, and provide advice to diabetics so they can better understand their illness and manage it. The Association is committed to providing the best healthcare possible and enable patients to overcome any risk associated with diabetes.