Qatalum Supports Elderly Empowerment and Care Centre (Ehsan)

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a part of Qatalum’s core values. In October 2016, Qatalum generously supported Elderly Empowerment and Care Centre (Ehsan) as part of its CSR program.

Ehsan provides several health care and social services to seniors including nursing services, hygiene care, diet counseling, drug treatments and guidance for elderly people and their families. It also covers physical therapy such as examinations, diagnosis and treatment programs designed to reduce pain, improve mobility and restore health. In a step to support Eshan’s duty of care to seniors, Qatalum agreed to further its community-centered vision through a donation.

Qatalum’s support aimed at channeling support to the elderly who need mobility devices in their daily lives. An example of such a device includes a ‘Sit 2 Stand’ Mobility Training Chair – a device that helps the elderly train their muscles to move from a seated position to an upright position on their own. This eliminates third party assistance and keeps them healthy.

“Qatalum’s social responsibility projects aim at making a real and positive impact on the life of the society in which we work and live. We thank Ehsan for providing us with this opportunity to contribute and support of this important category in our community that deserves all the care and support from all the institutions of society “.  Said Ibrahim Jassim Fakhri, Communication Department Manager at Qatalum.

Jaber Al Marri, Media and Public Relations Director at Elderly Empowerment and Care Centre (Ehsan) asserted that Ehsan is working to ensure a decent, safe and stable life for the elderly in Qatar, spread awareness within the community about their rights and needs, promote solidarity between generations and seeking opportunities for interaction between different age categories in the society.

“This requires cooperation of all institutions operating in the country and we extend our thanks to Qatalum for their support to achieve these great goals. " Al Marri added.

Establishing mutual trust with the community comes at the forefront of Qatalum’s goals. With the new budding relationship with Elderly Empowerment and Care Centre (Ehsan), the company takes a major step toward establishing itself as a CSR-centered organization in Qatar.