Qatalum: Start-up of three years’ construction

The Qatalum Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony signals the start of active construction at the site in Mesaieed, Qatar. Main construction will start in November this year.

​The primary aluminium project Mesaieed consists of the potrooms, a casthouse producing value-added aluminium products, a carbon plant supplying anodes, a power plant with an installed capacity of 1250 MW, as well as port and service facilities. The total site is approximately 1.7 sq. km. The potro​oms are each 1,150m in length.

Total investments are estimated at USD 5.6 billion, of which the power plant will account for approximately USD 1 billion. Construction is estimated to represent more than 16,500 man-years of construction employment, at an average rate of 5,500 man-years per annum, with a peak of over 6,500 workers on site at the height of construction activity.

Safety during construction

During the construction phase, Qatalum aims to effectuate the project with zero injuries.

Safety is a top priority for the Qatalum project. We will remain alert, preventing injuries and avoiding work-related illnesses, property damage and production loss through our foresight. We will do our utmost to prevent and mitigate injury and damage should accidents occur.

First step in achieving the goal of zero injuries was the selection of qualified contractors. Next step will be to ensure that all personnel involved during construction will have adequate training and that adequate work procedures are developed. The project will continuously monitor safety performance in all construction activities and seek the continuous improvement of HSE performance.

Continue the dialogue

Qatalum has adopted new and innovative initiatives for informing and communicating with stakeholders. By informing main stakeholders such as the community in Mesaieed, environmental organizations, the media and the business community, Qatalum wishes to ensure that everyone with an interest in the project will be kept informed at all times.

"When such a big project is undertaken, questions will always arise. We are ready to continue the local dialogue on our project development in order to respond to inquires and remove uncertainty. In our international industry, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are available to all stakeholders. Qatalum aims to among the best when it comes to transparency, as well as environmental and safety standards," says Truls Gautesen, Project Director for Qatalum.

Qatalum will be built using the world's most economical and environmentally friendly production technology. A comprehensive summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment, approved by the Supreme Council for the Environment & Natural Resources, SCENR, has been released and made available to the public of Qatar. It is also available by request from Qatalum.

As part of their stakeholder relations, Qatalum has also launched its official website,, to allow ease of access by the general public, suppliers and others who are interested in learning more about the project.​