Qatalum Releases 2014 Sustainability Report Highlighting Outstanding Growth

Qatalum's sustainability report highlights the company's economic, social and environmental performance for 2014.

It demonstrates how Qatalum has contributed significantly to the realization of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and its four pillars of economic, human, social and environmental development. Qatalum's status as a world-leading smelter means that its strong performance is linked to the achievement of both corporate and national goals.

The report details how Qatalum has built on a strong sustainability foundation to hit a number of important milestones. In 2014, Qatalum produced 640,153 tonnes of aluminium, making it the thirteenth biggest aluminium producer in the world. Profits reached a record US$199 million, an increase of 60% from 2013. Qatalum became the fourth most efficient aluminium smelter in the world, according to the globally recognized independent CRU Aluminium Business Curve, by achieving a cost reduction of US$129 per tonne of aluminium. At the same time, sales increased by 5.3%, total direct energy consumption decreased by 2.7% and 18.1% more bi-product was recycled than in 2013.

The report also reveals the reasons behind Qatalum's performance figures, particularly its internal processes, specifically tailored to maximize efficiency and embed a culture of excellence. These include the Qatalum Production System (QPS) and the Qatalum Integrated Management System (QIMS). The former aims to ensure continuous improvement and development through the integration of five principles throughout the organization: standardized work process, defined customer supplier relations, optimized flow, dedicated teams, and visible leadership. All promote health and safety.

"Qatalum was founded with a sustainable ethos at its core. Having established strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) foundations, we are now, in our third full year of production, in a strong position to build on these to forge a progressive path into the future," said Abdul Rahman Ahmad Al Shaibi, Qatalum's Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Qatalum CEO Khalid Mohamed Laram added, "We provide a commercial and employment alternative to the hydrocarbon sector in Qatar, and therefore assist in the mitigation of economic volatility. To this end we have promoted the creation of a domestic downstream aluminium industry, generating wealth and employment, with the attendant indirect economic benefits. We are also facilitating the creation of a knowledge economy, imparting skills and building capacity in the education system. This has two benefits - it makes the labour force more employable, while providing Qatalum with a pool of skilled Qatari employees. We succeed in combining our growth and sustainability agendas by focusing on efficiency and responsibility in all aspects of our operations, from the smelter to the boardroom."