Qatalum Issues Fifth Sustainability Report

The Report Reviews Qatalum's Adherence to Sustainability in All Work Aspects during 2015

Qatalum, the region's leading aluminum manufacturer, announced the issuance of its annual sustainability report for 2015, which is the fifth sustainability report since the Company began to document its sustainability progress in 2011. The report provides a comprehensive overview on the Company's environmental, social and economic performance in 2015.

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The new report is a part of Qatalum's commitment to the issuance of an annual report addressing the most significant issues for the stakeholders of sustainability area. It also reviews its adherence to sustainability in all work aspects. It its attempt to maintain harmony with sustainability spirit, the report cover was made of a wholly-recyclable paper, which contains seeds of wild flowers, so that the reader can plant it in his garden after reading the report. An e-copy of the report is also made available through the Company's website.

The Report highlights Qatalum's contributions to the four pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, which include economic, social, human and environmental development. In addition, it highlights the Company's efforts to act in favor of the long-term interests of the shareholders, employees and society, and its attempts to achieve profitable growth while maintaining its role as a responsible corporate citizen and employer of choice, as well as the Company's approach to maintain solid and strong foundations with respect to social and environmental standards and to constantly develop and improve all these areas.

Furthermore, the Report highlights the remarkable successes achieved by Qatalum in this context during 2015, as its sales significantly increased in the Middle East, while greenhouse gas emissions and energy transmissions declined. The Company received ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification for all production processes.           
The Company is further striving to spur economic and social growth in Qatar while adhering to the management of the environmental and human impacts arising from our operations. We are working on reinforcing the domestic economy by procuring supply services from local contractors, enhancing the opportunities to create downstream industries in the aluminum sector in Qatar. We also pay much attention to work with Qatari nationals and spare no effort to share knowledge and technology to build national capacities.

This year, Qatalum focused on creating a culture of excellence, enhancing efficiency and reducing production costs throughout all work levels in the Company. We applied these steps through three quality management frameworks, Qatalum Production System, Qatalum Improvement Program and Qatalum Integrated Management System. The success of these programs was underlined in 2015 when we were voted the second most cost efficient smelter by the CRS. This was a notable improvement from 2014, having moved up two places.

Qatalum intends to keep striving to add to these successes during the next phase and do its best to further learn and grow, with manufacturing aluminum based on sustainable measures. The Company definitely takes pride in being a driving power towards the economic transformation in the country, which aims at empowering Qatar by the economic diversity. Qatalum also looks passionately forward to the opportunities and possibilities the future is full of, with continuing to develop and improve its operations to reach a sustainable future.