Qatalum Hosts National Sports Day 2018

The event saw the active participation of employees and their families in an exciting array of activities.


Qatalum joined the country in celebrating the National Sports Day 2018, on Tuesday, February 13. The company hosted a series of sports activities for its employees and their families at Al Reem Club, in Messaieed to mark the day. The event aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of sports in a community, a healthy life style and the risk of obesity related diseases.

Qatalum realizes that participation in sporting events ultimately reflects positively on the overall development of the community and on the morale of its staff in general, by enhancing the spirit of teamwork and communication. This belief was reflected in the large number of employees who turned out en masse with their families to show their support for the venture.


Qatalum had arranged an exciting agenda of activities for all age groups, with due consideration being given to people with differing levels of sports experience. The organizers had ensured that there was at least one activity for each age group. The list of activities included football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, squash, badminton, bowling, and full body workouts such as aerobics, fitness motivation, plank challenges and obstacle courses.

Employees and their families were keen to participate and make the most of the pleasant weather. Some of the activities witnessed heated competition as participants got carried away with the emotions of the game, with teams trying to outplay each other in group competitions.

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Events such as volleyball, table tennis, basketball, squash, bowling and badminton were open to men, women, boys and girls. The basket ball matches saw some adrenalin-charged action between the teenage groups who were cheered on by their enthusiastic parents. Another exciting event was the plank challenge where the participants seemed bent on outlasting each other by holding themselves steady in a plank position for as long as possible.


The organizers had taken care of every single detail and had ensured that fruits, juices and water were available to all those who wanted a healthy snack between the fun and activities. The pleasant climate added to the ambience of the day, allowing attendees to relax and use the rare occasion to interact with each other. The awards ceremony took place at 1.00 pm noon, and supporters could be heard cheering their colleagues and family members who had won an event, or who had simply put up a fair fight.