Qatalum Exhibiting at 6th Qatar Career Fair

QCF great opportunity for Qatalum to engage with and attract next generation of Qatari graduates

​​​Qatalum is taking part in the 6th Qatar Career Fair, held from the 1st to 6th of April at the Qatar National Convention Centre. Qatalum is involved because of the company’s own focus on implementation of human resources projects within the Human Development pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030 - a key objective of the Fair.​

Qatalum is taking part as an exhibitor – at booth EI-G09–to attract Qatari students and graduates as future employees, part of the company’s Qatarisation policy, and has as its objective at the Fair “to increase Qatari students’ awareness about the importance of Aluminium industry and find in QCF a great opportunity to communicate with Qatari students”.This is part of Qatalum’s theme “Forming Generations with a Brighter Perspective”. The company strongly believes that forming “National Generations” is highly important in progressing local society, and has committed to develop the abilities of these younger generations until they possess the required skills that make them able to take over the torch -leading the industrial sector and investment in Qatar.​


Part of the virtue of QCF 2013 for Qatalum is to communicate with students and share with them information on Qatalum’s programs aimed at Qatari nationals: the Graduate Development Programmes (GDPs); Professional Development Programme (PDP); National Scholarship Programme; and Summer Training Programme.
The GDPs are meant to qualify University fresh graduates to occupy different jobs in Qatalum. The training is focused, designed and driven by the requirements of the job and to qualify them for the job’s requirement and develop their competencies.

The PDP applies to candidates recruited for their specialist knowledge and field of study, yet who are limited in their industrial exposure, or who are without any industrial exposure at all. The objective of the PDP is to define an agreed training programme, based on the key performance areas listed in approved job descriptions.

Qatalum’s National Scholarship Programme identifies Qatari students who fulfil certain criteria and who have the enthusiasm and motivation to advance in their studies, and offer them the chance to develop their education in related studies. Something that will interest Engineering students attending at the QCF is that Qatalum has also recently announced the creation of the ‘Qatalum Chair’ at Qatar University – a world-class Institute of Aluminium within the Centre for Advanced Materials. Two professors from Norway will be the inaugural holders of the Chair, each for a successive, six-month period. The two professors will be teaching the University’s engineering students, and will have responsibility for the new research centre for International Best Practice – the Institute of Aluminium within the Centre for Advanced Materials.​



And finally, Qatalum’s Summer Training Programme covers a period of 4-8 weeks during which students are given the opportunity to spend time in one of Qatalum’s departments – technical or non-technical – to be introduced to the basics of workplace ethics and to be familiarised with the work environment.​

The Qatar Career Fair will offer Qatari students education, recruitment, training opportunities and development in order to enhance their abilities and strengthen their skills - enabling them to meet the challenges in national development. Public and private institutions such as Qatalum can provide the largest number of jobs to Qatari citizens, provide the right employment opportunities and meet the objectives of the Qatarisation policy.

Says Qatalum: “We recognise that investing in the human resources of tomorrow is as important as any other aspect of our corporate strategy. Attracting the best and brightest Qatari graduates to come work for Qatalum helps the country and the company alike - and the Careers Fair is the best place for us to engage with the next generation, learn about them and show them what opportunities are available at a company like Qatalum”.