Qatalum 2nd Contractor HSSE Forum Successfully Concluded

Forum is hailed as important to share knowledge and provide an arena for improvement.


Qatalum successfully concluded its 2nd Contractor Health, Safety, Security and Emergency Management (HSSE) Forum on 28 September 2017, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, at Al Ghazal Event Halls of Al Reem Club, Mesaieed Industrial City.

Attended by Qatalum CEO, COO, group managers, contract owners and contractor management and/or representatives, the forum was moderated by Jorge Kangoma, HSE Lead in Carbon. Discussions centered on important HSSE events, statistics, programmes, activities and highlights for contractors.


In his opening remarks, Khalid Laram, Qatalum CEO, first invited attendees to re-evaluate the forum with their inputs, reiterating his belief in the link between raising issues at the forum and significant improvement. In addition, he stressed the important role the forum plays in knowledge sharing, and underlined how the forum helped contractors maintain a high level of safety at Qatalum.

Mr. Laram then reviewed the two (2) recordable incidents Indirect Supervised Contractors had in the last 12 months which elicited more focus on hand injury and General Work Permit Procedure. The Qatalum CEO underscored the need to share responsibility for improving safety and the continued provision of training and proper supervision, especially on site.

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Meanwhile, Olaf Wigstoel, Qatalum COO, pointed out the importance of following the Qatalum Work Permit System by giving its pre-requisites. Contractors are strongly required to follow the Qatalum Work Permit procedure.

The Qatalum HSSE Performance was presented by Deon Earle, HSSE Manager. As of September 2017, contractors were able to achieve the below commendable safety records:

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470-Contractor HSE Forum_28 Sept 2017_Page_09.jpg

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The HSSE Manager also reminded the participants of bearing responsibility, quoting the Qatalum on-going campaign; “If you see it, you own it. If you walk by it, you condone it”.

The agenda was followed by the presentations on Contractor HSSE Performance. CAPE, Staref and Q-Con were able to show their safety records, key HSSE highlights and activities, and issues and challenges when it comes to HSSE Management System.

Lessons learnt from high risks incidents which involved Unsafe Entry to Confined Space, Hand Injury and Fall of Lifting Beam were shared to contractors.



To highlight some of the best practices by Qatalum contractors, Future Engineering gave presentation on Confined Space. Rajakumar Veetil, HSE Lead in Power Group, reminded contractors to utilize Pre-Use Inspection Checklist for their operational vehicles.

The forum was later opened to comments by contractors, before it was closed by Qatalum HSSE Manager Remarks. Mr. Earle commended the overall HSE performance, and expressed Qatalum intent to continue holding the Contractor HSE Forum, the first of its kind in Qatar.

Qatalum is driven by its mission to set the standard in operational excellence. The Contractor HSSE Management System is but one example.