QU students visit Qatalum

Qatalum’s collaboration with Qatar University was again brought to fruition on the 27th of November with a student visit to the plant.

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The aim for these reoccurring visits is to show students the aluminium production environment and to encourage them toward summer internships and research projects.

A group of twenty six industrial engineering students and three academic staff from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of Qatar University arrived at Qatalum for the day to explore the aluminium production business and operations. The aim for these visits is to show students what real industry looks like, and to encourage students to apply for summer internship and research projects. By introducing students to Qatalum and if they find the industry attractive, they can focus their educational direction towards prospects within the aluminium field. 

The large group was hosted by Qatalum’s Training Team made up of Abdul Halim Al Bader, Amir Farah, Sharat Kumar Elayambari, Tanveer Ahmed and Edward Wyk. Although a large visiting group, the organization of the day gave room for smaller groups for discussions and question on technical issues and for information about Qatalum’s program for students and future employment.

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This was the fourth visit for students in collaboration with Qatar University, Qatalum and Hydro this year. Some of the students had participated in the summer internship 2014 and had already been introduced to Qatalum. They were highly motivated and had realistic expectation as to what they would see. This, together with the highly committed staff at Qatalum laid the basis for a positive experience for all.

Organisers who accompanied the students expect to see excellent progress in the research projects during the internships for 2015 as was had in 2014. The formidable contribution from all Qatalum staff involved in these student events contributes towards the students to getting a thorough and varied introduction to Qatalum. Therefore all the hosts at the visited units were made up of group heads or senior managers.

Elin Legland, Administration Manager of Hydro QSTP said, “The Qatar University students were highly motivated and had realistic expectation to what they would encounter. This, together with the highly committed staff at Qatalum laid the basis for a good experience by both, students and Qatalum.”