QIP Away Day 2019

Qatalum had organized a day away at Al Sharq Village and Spa on 28th February 2019 as part of its milestone event.

The event was attended by 100 employees consisting of Chief Officers, Group Manager, Department Managers, and Section heads, Supervisors, Operators and Technicians.


The CEO addressed the event apprising all on QIP achievements till date while sharing future plans of deploying consultants to analyze and improve business performance of Qatalum. Emphasis was also placed on QPS (Qatalum Production System) principles in sustaining improvement.  The importance of visible leadership and responsibility of leaders in driving the better performance for Qatalum was also discussed.

The Chief Financial Officer presented the financial performance of 2018 and the business plan for the next 5 years. The challenges facing Qatalum were also highlighted.


Q&QPS manager also discussed the performance of Qatalum in 2018 and challenged the robustness of the processes and preparedness to ensure setbacks are avoided.


Post QIP presentations, a showcase event was organized in which each group had to share the improvements that were done in 2018 using a systematic and structured approach – the QPS way. It was a great experience for those attending, full of healthy discussions where plant wide improvements were shared, and everyone took with him a piece of valuable learning.

At end of day, the CEO presented awards for winners of the 2018 CEO Awards for improvement.

Every year the annual CEO awards are held to recognize and celebrate the efforts of committed employees. This is also aimed for alignment of objectives for the team.


This year there were around 30 nominations. As always the selection process was rigorous one and had a pre-defined criteria for the qualification of entrees. The final winners were chosen from shortlisted entries as selected by the selection committee and eventually by the Qatalum Management team.