Popular competition at the QP Environment Fair

During the recent 'QP Environment Fair', Qatalum hosted a competition for children aged 8-18 years. It turned out to be very popular.

​​HECTIC: Qatalum's competition at the QP Environment Fair i Doha, Qatar, attracted a lot of youngsters, all eager to shape future aluminium products in modelling clay. (Photos: Camilla Nyhuus Christensen)

The task was to mould a product that can be made in aluminium in the future, knowing that aluminium is strong and light, can be easily formed, and is 100-percent recyclable.

Some 470 young people registered during the three days of the fair and they created a variety of different products.

Suggestions ranged from mobile phones, swimsuits, bathing tub and pyramid to wind-mill, snowman heat exchanger and many more.

The winners were judged on creativity and innovation, and all in all there were 15   winners during the five sessions at the fair.

The young winners received an iPod Nano in aluminium engraved with the Qatalum logo.

 HAPPY: Vincent Boudier was among the winners with his proposal for a solar powered bike.
YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS: Some 470 young people entered their contributions in the competition and showed much imagination in suggesting future new aluminium products.
  BUSY CREATING: The two Al Malki brothers Essa (7) and Jassim (12) were among the many children busy moulding at the Qatalum fair stand.
WINNER: Meenakshi Somasundaram moulded her vision of the future Qatar.
WINNER: Ralph Regalado made a bath tub.