Our Goal: ZERO Heat Stress Cases in 2019

Working in an environment with additional sources of heat, like in the Casthouse, Carbon, Reduction and Power Plants or working outdoors, in operations and maintenance, can be very challenging for all of us during the hot summer months.

The vision of having ZERO Heat Stress Cases was strongly supported and committed to during the successful 2019 Heat Stress Awareness Launching Ceremony held at the Service Center Lobby, 15 April 2019. The ceremony noted a commendable participation from the company’s CEO, DCEO, Qatalum Management Team (QMT), department managers, employees and contractors.

Qatalum’s new HSSE Manager, Humberto Martins Dornelas, delivered his opening remarks with a strong emphasis on the importance of ‘Prevention’ as the key to combating Heat Stress. He further laid out various HSSE programs and activities to make this campaign a success. These activities include cool booth and water temperature inspection, feedback meetings with the workforce, heat stress talks, and SMS Heat Index Notification.

CEO Tom Petter Johansen was glad to be back at Qatalum  and lead the ceremony. During his speech Johansen acknowledged the drop in the number of Heat Stress Cases from seven in 2017 to one in 2018. This year, he challenged everyone at Qatalum to achieve ZERO Heat Stress Cases.

The CEO reiterated that Heat Stress can be effectively prevented through proper planning which includes pre-start task analysis, awareness and training, effective supervision, understanding the effects of heat stress, identifying symptoms and treatment for heat stress cases, adherence to work/recovery cycles, taking personal precautions and maintaining healthy lifestyles.


Reminding employees of the individual’s responsibility with keeping themselves safe during Ramadan was the message from the company’s DCEO Nabeel Al-Buenain. He strongly emphasized that employees not compromise their health during the observance of this holy month.

The program was followed by the signing of the “Commitment Wall” which was led by the CEO, DCEO and QMT members. This wall highlighted this year’s Heat Stress Awareness to demonstrate strengthened commitment and leadership.