New organisational structure of the Qatalum management team (QMT)

Following some three months of getting to know the company and the organisation; Qatalum’s new Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Khalid Mohammed Laram, has now taken on his formal responsibilities.

​​​These responsibilities will include management and development of the procurement activities; managing and directing logistics functions, coordinating all cross-functional logistical activities, including the interfaces with Mesaieed Industrial City and others, in order to meet the expectations of customers.

Furthermore, he will manage Qatalum's financial activities, including finance and accounting issues related to the shareholders as well as work programs and budget-development with implementation and monitoring; The position includes managing marketing and sales, including interfaces between Qatalum and the marketing and sales service provider, ensuring alignment with the Marketing and Off-take agreement as well as other relevant agreements.

The DCEO-position will also cover management of Qatalum's Human Resources, Administration and Communications Departments.

In addition to these responsibilities, the DCEO will be involved in Qatalum's business operations, including the power and smelter operational activities.

Speaking of the new responsibilities, the DCEO, Khalid Laram said, "I have spent the time since my appointment getting to know Qatalum's businesses and the management team which is an important tool to assist me in my role as DCEO. I will continue over the next months to get more knowledge about the aluminium industry from an outside-in perspective. So in order to give me a good overview of the industry, I intend to spend some time meeting the owners, customers, seeing other smelters, visiting an alumina refinery and undertaking LME training. I am looking forward to taking up my new responsibilities and feel that I'm now an integral part of the Qatalum management team." ​

At the announcement of the new organization structure on February 14, Jan Arve Haugan, Qatalum's CEO, said that, "Qatalum is in the middle of a very critical period with project completion and ramp-up to full production. Additional competent leadership resources are highly appreciated. Senior management capacity is particularly critical these days and we are all very delighted that Khalid now has taken up his full responsibilities in the team. I'm confident that he will make a difference to our Qatalum family as a whole."

New organisational structure of the Qatalum management team

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