Multi-wheeler DCY200 arrives at Qatalum for relining project

Qatalum had acquired the 200 tonne capacity self-elevating multi wheeler vehicle (DCY200) which shall be used to transport cathodes and pot superstructures in and out of potrooms during relining.

​​​​​​​​​One of the major requirements for the operation of the Relining Facility is a transporter to load – transport – unload the damage and newly repaired cathode pots and super-structures from Potlines to the Relining Facility located north of the potlines.

1.jpg ​DCY200 - 64 wheels with the gross vehicle weight (GVW) on the concrete road of approximately 250 tonnes 

To address the need, Qatalum acquired a 200 tonne capacity, self-elevating multi wheeler vehicle (DCY200) which shall be solely used for this process during relining. The eq​uipment shall be operated by the Qatalum Relining Facility Operations personnel and shall be maintained by Technical – Central Maintenance department.

DCY200 was supplied by Rumaillah Motors Qatar and manufactured by Suzhao Dafang Special Vehicle Company in China. The equipment was designed and manufactured according to the Qatalum technical specifications to precisely fit with pot line operating conditions. DCY200 arrived at the Qatalum site last on the 29th of October 2013 and has been tested and approved for magnetic field operability in the potroom.

The acquisition, delivery and preservation of this transporter was successfully accomplished using the synergy between Technical and the Project Group; Engineering and Central Maintenance Department, Reduction Relining Department, and the Procurement Department. This teamwork led to the optimum selection of the unit in terms of technical compliance and asset value.

3.jpg FAT team in China

Qatalum technical/engineering and operation/maintenance team had been sent to China to carry out the FAT in order to verify that the equipment ordered satisfies Qatalum’s specifications for both design and functionality.

2.jpg Multi-wheeler load testing with 200 Tonnes Test Load

Project Team Members:

Iain H. DoddsTechnical Dept.-Project/Engineering​
Alain Giard Technical Dept.-Project/Engineering​
Serafin Porras Jr. ​Technical Dept.-Project/Engineering​
Kanagaraj Ramaraj Technical Dept.-Project/Engineering​
Sameh Muhammad Technical Dept.-Project/Engineering​
Jozef Otapka Reduction Operation
Davy Fosen ​Reduction Operation
Luis Simango Cossa Reduction Maintenance​
Raul Manalo Reduction Operation​
Teodulo Llerin Uyanguren​ ​Reduction Operations​
Luis Ferreira Reduction Operations
Victor Antiaye Technical-Central Maintenance​
vans Nzola Procurement Department​
​​Hala Magzoub​ ​​Procurement Department​