Leading the Qatalum Way

The Qatalum organization is growing. Meet some of the people who will be in charge of running the operations when production starts by the end of next year.

​​Khalid Mohammed Saleh Nashwar

 Age: 42

Nationality: Qatari

Previous work experience: sales agent at Qafco (Qatar Fertilizer Company), in charge of the Asian and African market.


I will start as a logistics manager as of June 1. Then I will be in charge of transportation to and from site, and keeping track of inventory and warehousing.”

“How do you feel about starting this new job?”
“Oh, yes, I’m looking forward to this new challenge. I decided to join Qatalum a few months ago, and I am very glad they accepted me even though it’s far away from my previous career. This is a new company, and I am glad I will be one of the people who establish it in a strong way.”

“What do you think about the Qatalum Way?”
“I think it represents the professional way that Qatalum want to work with its employees with regards to the high standards that has been set. I know that many would like to work in Qatalum because of the environment the management is creating.”​

Bergitte Husa Kippernes

Age: 38
Nationality: Norwegian
Previous work experience: Electrolysis operations at Hydro’s primary production plant in Sunndal, Norway.


“In Qatalum I will be head of operational support, in charge of fume treatment plants, laboratory, and the Relining workshop.”

“Right now we are building the organization, teaching the team the procedures so that we’ll be ready for the production start-up. Training is crucial.”

“How do you think the Qatalum Way will influence you as a leader?”
“I need to find out what it means to me, my job and my organization. Converting it from theory to action is the real challenge. Personally I think constantl​ working with improvements is very important.

Roger Kyseth


Age: 42
Nationality: Norwegian
Previous work experience: Casthouse manager, production manager and plant manager in Hydro’s Automotive structures sector.


“Being the casthouse manager means I will be in charge of the day to day operations at the casthouse, making sure we produce the products the customers need. And of course my job is also about leading personnel, working on improvements- and optimization processes.”​

"Are you looking forward to starting your job?"

"Yes, I'm very excited about it. It's going to be a great challenge."

"Do you feel especially connected to some of the values in the Qatalum Way?"

"I think respect is going to be very important because we will have so many cultures represented at the plant. In Norway we are used to workers having respect for their boss, but still having clear, individual opinions. Down here it might be a little different because some workers may have too much respect for their boss. It should absolutely not be respect based on fear. But don't misunderstand me – it's important with a strong and clear leader. The most important is that we find a way of working together that encourages openness to find improvements."​